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Company’s Directors attended Huqing Glass Industrial Garden Project 1 Opening Ceremony

On August 9th, 2010, the opening ceremony of Huqing Glass Industrial Gardden construction project #1 was held in Gaoyao city of Guangdong province. The total capital investment is 2.9 billion, with a yearly production of 8 tons high-standard glass, which is considered one of the biggest constructions in our country.
As the directors of the designing unit, our company’s Zhang Jianxin and Wang Jun attended the opening ceremony.After the cecremony, Zhang Jianxin and Wang Jun visited factory site of project #1, and entered the melting plant. Near high-temperature melters, they asked questions with regard to production process and equipment conditions.
the picture of Zhang Jianxin(President),Wang Jun(Vice President) and Liu Jianping(Secretary of the Glass Committee) taken at the factory site