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 Beijing Jiuxianqiao Residential Area. Floor area 1,470,000 m²

Left: Shaanxi Shenmu Power Residential District Planning. Floor area 100,000 m² Right: Inner Mongolia Vocational Park Planning. Floor area 1,720,000 m²

Top left: Transformation of Nanjing Nanhu Old City. Floor area 1,100,000 m² Middle2: Beijing Jingkai D9 land planning. Floor area 190,000 m²
Below left: Baotou Wetlands Plan. Floor area 22,000 m² Top right: Jiamusi Residential District Planning. Floor area 170,000 m²
Middle1: BDA International Enterprise Avenue Planning. Floor area 110,000 m² Below right: Nanchang Counterpart Printing Studio and Technology Information Center. Floor area 66,000 m²

Left: Xining Sun City. Floor area 820,000 m² Right: Pinggu Baigezhuang Village construction. Floor area 1,090,000 m²

Left: Modern Garden Residential Construction Planning 720,000 m² Top right: Ningxia Electric Cast Iron and Steel Residential Planning. Floor area 910,000 m²
  Below right: Tianjin Tanggu Marine Science and Technology Business Park. Floor area 600,000 m²